We are a craft brewery from Belgrade, specialized in the production of unfiltered and non-pasteurized lager beers. We established the brewery with a goal to bring back traditional values, quality and crafts to beer brewing. Our beers are a reflection of these aspirations. We are committed to making beer simple. Beer should be the basis for socializing, not the cause.

Lager beers have the optimal content of hops, they emphasize the malty flavor and bring the fullness of taste, the characteristics that no other beer has and which beer lovers deserve.

The word gvint is of German origin, and means thread. We believe in a precise and responsible production, which lager beers demand. On the other hand, the word gvint in slang means a stunt or type of joke. So what is the gvint that makes GVINT so good? Who gets the GVINT will understand.

gvint pivaraaa

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