Our Beers

There are three types of beer produced at Gvint, three basic traditional recipes: classic lager beer, dark beer and wheat beer.

Only four quality ingredients are used in the production, according to the five hundred years old German law on beer production: malt, hops, yeast and water. We use the malt of a renowned Finnish company “Viking Malt”, and we are their authorized distributor in Serbia, as well as German yeast and hops.

We deliver beer in 10, 20 and 30 liter kegs and in 0.33 and 0.5 liter bottles of classic German design.

gvint pivaraaa

Gvint classic lager

Gvint premium lager. Our “House beer” and first beer. It came from the idea of “what a beer should be”. It is classic, balanced lager, between Bavarian (heles) and the Czech (pilsner) style; it has a moderate aroma and bitterness.


Obtained by combining a standard and special fried malt, it has chocolate and coffee aromas and a slightly higher alcohol content than the classic lager.


Gvint Weissbier. Wheat malt gives this beer a soft, creamy flavor and a somewhat pale color. Special yeast gives this beer a mild flavor of bananas and cloves.


Gvint lemon shandy. A light and refreshing beer, obtained by mixing the classic lager and lemon juice, for those who want less alcohol and an interesting combination of flavors.


Gvint India Pale Lager. No. 5 is an IPL, with more aroma and more hops than our standard lager. Five malts give this beer a fuller body, and five hops add more bitterness with floral and fruity flavors.


Irish Red Lager. Copper colored beer, with moderately strong body and moderate biterness. First Serbian rock craft beer, made in collaboration with Orthodox Celts bend. Refreshing, but with fuller flavor and a mild caramel aroma.

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