About us

We wish to strengthen the connections between people, strengthen the community which we are part of. In order to succeed, our business must be based on the quality that society will recognize.

Gvint team is taking care of high standards, quality ingredients and process improvement – the main characteristics of microbreweries.

gvint pivaraaa
head brewmaster

He graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and has a Masters degree in Brewing from the Faculty of Agriculture. He has experience in design and production in our country as well as abroad. At Gvint, he will prove that top quality traditional beer can be produced in Serbia.

business & sales

She has experience in economic and financial affairs in the construction sector, stock exchange, and even in the academic world, since she is a university professor of economics

purchase & distribution

Another economist, from the beginning of his career, his focus was on the small businesses, mainly food production and catering. With the greatest satisfaction and enthusiasm, he applies the acquired knowledge and experience at Gvint.

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